The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Screen Protectors shows clean resolution by excellent transmittance which is closed to optical devices. It provides a clear image similar to primary color by excellent transmittance which is close to optical devices and can reduce eye fatigue by high resolution. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Screen Protectors represent more natural color sense and image quality. It is used for base material Oleophobic which is made by original Japanese technology, so that the screen protectors have exceptional durability, and also satisfy the sense of touch for coating surface due to strength over 3H. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 screen protectors are easy to install and remove using the highest optical PET material and high-quality silicon adhesive made in Japan, and it is safe and clean because of no foreign materials.

Special Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Screen Protectors

  •  Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  •  Exceptional sense of touch and strength.
  •  Laser-precision design process provides accurate edge-to-edge fitment for maximum protection.
  •  Easy attachment, Anti-fingerprint effect, Anti rainbow phenomenon.

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