IPHONE Xs Max Screen Protector is designed to protect your IPHONE XS Max against damage. It has a tempered glass construction and an anti-scratch design so your device will continue to look like new. These screen protectors provide impressively durable and scratch-resistant screen protection for your IPHONE. Thanks to the application of a chemically strengthened ion-exchange process to its ultra-thin aluminosilicate glass, InvisiGlass Ultra sets a new standard for glass screen protection while delivering a flawless touchscreen experience.

Special Features of IPHONE Xs Max Screen Protectors

  •  It has a strong tempered glass construction.
  •  The anti-scratch design will keep your screen looking clear.
  •  Precision-cut, intelligent glass for optimal touchscreen sensitivity.
  • High-tension tempered glass construction for enhanced shock protection.
  • Anti-scratch coating, strengthened with ion-exchange process.

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