IPHONE 13 Pro Max Screen Protector

Apple IPHONE 13 Pro Max Screen Protector offers premium quality protection for the screen of your mobile phone. This glass screen protector is designed to prevent scratches, damages, scrapes and cosmetic damages of your IPHONE 13 Pro Max screen from everyday use. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector will help absorb shock when dropped accidentally. It also provides an invisible shield for your iPhone 13 Pro Max and provides the same responsive touch censoring and transparency as it would be without the screen protector.

Special Features of IPHONE 13 Pro Max Screen Protector

  •   High-tension 9H tempered glass construction for enhanced shock protection
  •   Anti-glare formula protects your eyes from uncomfortable sunrays
  •   Anti-microbial design helps keep you safe
  •   Oleophobic coating helps resist fingerprints
  •   0.4 mm thickness adds minimal bulk to your iPhone 13 Pro Max
  •   Easy installation with no risk of bubbles
  •   Jet black outer areas to match your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s design

We have IPHONE 13 Pro Max tempered glass in stock from different brands like Otter box, Spigen, Cleanskin, Panzer Glass, EFM, etc. Buy in-store and we will apply for you or BUY online and get free shipping. We also have cases in stock  Check this link to shop for IPHONE13 Pro Max Cases.

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