IPHONE 13 Pro Screen Protector
IPHONE 13 Pro Screen Protector super clear protective film tempered glass screen protective film adopts advanced technology design, using high-quality imported AB adhesive, making the glass installation easier and firmer, without any white edges and bubbles, and can also ensure that the glass has highest quality transparency, just like there is no screen protector on your phone, you can enjoy a clear viewing experience.

Special Features of IPHONE 13 Pro Screen Protector

Process: Fine Carving / Die Cutting
Thickness: 0.33mm
Hardness: 9h
Transmittance: 93%
Material: Japan AGC Glass
Tempering time: 4 hours
Product packaging: Customizable
Quality: High Quality
Installation tool: Yes
Features: High Definition Scratch Proof

We have IPHONE 13 Pro tempered glass in stock from different brands like Otter box, Spigen, Cleanskin, Panzer Glass, EFM, etc. Buy in-store and we will apply for you or BUY online and get free shipping. We also have cases in stock  Check this link to shop for iphone 13 pro cases.

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